Cholesterol Treatment

Facts and Myths of Using Niacin, a Popular Cholesterol Treatment

Niacin is one of the safest and effective treatments of high cholesterol levels. Quite contrary to popular beliefs, Niacin is a simple nutritional supplement, B vitamin. But despite its highly effective nature, many people choose to stay away from it. The reason for the same is the endless number of myths that surround this medicine. If used in the right manner, there is nothing really to match the results offered by niacin.

Benefits of niacin

By keeping the cholesterol levels in check, niacin corrects various factors that lead to heart diseases. Since niacin corrects the problem at the root cause itself, the risk of any future heart attack is reduced considerably. The effectiveness of niacin can be clearly estimated from the fact that it can lower the risk if heart diseases by 22-30%.

Niacin can help correct low HDL level and also reduce the LDL count simultaneously. Other than that it also helps in reducing lipoproteins and lipoprotein (a). Though niacin has an effect on HDL, LDL and triglycerides it is extremely effective in reducing small LDL particles, which are the most harmful. If this wonderful drug is clubbed with any statin it can yield great results and reduce heart attack risk by as much as 90%.

The side effects

There are some side effects reported after usage of this medicine. A hot flush feeling which is quite similar to a hot blush or a menopausal hot flash is witnessed in the aftermath of consumption of niacin. This hot flush feeling can be quite annoying.

Though there is a 'no-flush' variety of niacin available in the market that is devoid of such side effects, it proves to be of less value in reducing your cholesterol. This 'no-flush niacin' is also known as inositol hexaniacinate. However it is quite possible to avoid the side effects if you use it in the correct manner.

The reason why some people find niacin ineffective and laden with side effects is simply because of the fact that they are not using it in the right manner. The simple reason why most doctors don't prescribe niacin is because of the fact that niacin is supposed to be consumed in a certain manner, explaining which can be time consuming.

When you are using niacin make sure you do so in the given manner.

1. Niacin should always be taken along with a substantial meal.

2. While consuming niacin, make sure you have ample water. Take at least 2 glasses of water with this medicine. An additional 8-12 glasses of water can help terminate the hot flush feeling accompanied by the consumption of this medicine.
3. Intake of a 325 mg aspirin can also help reduce the hot flush feeling considerably. However this may not be required in all cases.