Cholesterol Treatment

Pravachol Helps You Bring Down the Cholesterol Levels

Pravastatin is a medication used for treatment of high cholesterol in human beings which tends to block their blood vessels. It is sold in the US market under brand name Pravachol and has been certified by the United States Food and Drug Administration as safe and effective in treatment of people with cholesterol induced problems.

Availability and Consumption
Pravastatin is available in the market in the form of tablets. You have the option to take the tablet after eating something or you may take the medicine on an empty stomach. It is important that you fix a time in your daily schedule when you consume this medicine. This will help you not only remember that you have to take the medicine but also ensure that the required 24 hour gap between two intakes of the medicine is maintained.

Diet recommended for people taking Pravachol
Pravachol is taken to counter the ill effects of high cholesterol in human body. If your doctor has prescribed this medicine to you, you must observe strict diet control.

Things that you may eat include:
* cottage cheese
* toned milk
* fish, as long as it's not fried
* fresh vegetables
* poultry products including egg whites

Make sure that you only consume monounsaturated oils. Options that are open include:
* olive oil
* peanut oil
* canola oil

You may also consume polyunsaturated oils like those derived from corn, sunflower, safflower cottonseed, and soybean oils.

Anything edible with excessive quantity of  fat is a cause of trouble. Make sure that you do not consume liver and any other type of fatty meat, egg yolk, full cream milk or its derivatives, cakes or pastries, cookies, gravy or Indian curry, chocolate, olives, potato chips, coconut, and in general, anything that is fried.

Known Side Effects
Side effects of Pravachol can be divided in two categories- minor side effects and major side effects. Persistent heart burn and headache can be classified as the minor side effects of Pravachol.

The list of major side effects of Pravachol includes many more ailments namely- general weakness or lack of energy, pain in the muscles, stomach ache (limited to upper right portion), symptoms of flu or fever, yellowness in eyes or on skin, rashes which cause itching, swelling of various body limbs or parts, including but not limited to hands, feet, throat and ankles. Hoarseness, hives and nausea have also been observed in some cases.

Pravachol is not free from side effects but the effects are minor for most people. There have been isolated cases of major side effects but nothing of high concern is known till date.

High cholesterol levels in the body tend to cause a number of problems and if you have been put on Pravachol or any such medication, it is a must that you consume it properly and regularly.