Cholesterol Treatment

Side Effects of ‘Zocor’

In the category of various cholesterol lowering drugs, Zocor is an established name. This cholesterol medication is generally prescribed with a diet that helps reduce cholesterol if you have a high level of blood cholesterol. For people at high risk of cardiovascular diseases, the amount of the drug intake generally reaches 130.

In people with high cholesterol and a bad cardiology history, Zocor reduces the risk of heart strokes considerably and helps you avoid surgery to do away with the clogged arteries. The drug can also reduce cardiac risk in people suffering from diabetes. The side effects of cholesterol drug Zocor cannot be anticipated beforehand. If you feel any change in the intensity, you should immediately consult or inform your medical practitioner. Only a medical supervision by an experienced doctor can tell you if the drug is safe for your consumption or not.

The side effects of this drug may be visible in the form of abdominal pain, headache, and feeling of nausea. You should never take Zocor if you have had an allergic reaction to it before or are sensitive to it. Avoid taking this drug if you are suffering from an active liver disease. Pregnant and nursing mothers should not consume it without the prescription of a medical practitioner.

As Zocor has damaging effects on the liver, you should always undergo a blood test to check the level of your liver enzyme before consuming it. Since Zocor may also damage your muscle tissue, you should immediately stop the drug consumption and inform your doctor.