Cholesterol Treatment

The Drugs That Are Used To Control Cholesterol

Cholesterol drugs are meant to control the high level of cholesterol in blood. If an individual has been diagnosed with a high level of cholesterol, then a suitable diet and an exercise regimen may on their own, help to control cholesterol. However, in certain instances it becomes necessary for the doctor to prescribe drugs to lower the cholesterol. An example is where an individual is genetically prone to produce an excess of LDL cholesterol.

Any sort of self medication to control cholesterol using prescription drugs is not advisable.
Some of the groups of drugs that are used to control cholesterol production are as follows.

This class of drugs focuses on the reduction of Triglycerides and helps to increase the HDL levels to a lesser extent.  However these drugs may have serious side effects and you should discuss the options with your doctor before using any of the drugs in this class.

Nicotinic Acid
It is also known as Niacin and is a water soluble agent of the Vitamin B group. It is one of the few cholesterol reducing medications that are available over the counter, without a prescription. It reduces total cholesterol, LDL and triglycerides and at the same time helps to increase HDL level.

It is a group of widely used drugs for cholesterol control. It is an LDL reducing agent. It primarily controls the  excess production of cholesterol by the liver. It also regulates the level of triglycerides and increases the level of HDL.  A doctor can prescribe the frequency and the best time of day to take any drug in this group.

Cholesterol absorption inhibitors
It's a new addition to the array of cholesterol control drugs. Drugs of this category prevent the excess absorption of cholesterol by the intestine. As a result the cholesterol levels in the blood come down significantly.

Bile acid sequestrants
Bile acid sequestrants bind to bile acids in the intestine and cause them to be excreted. The primary benefit of these drugs is that they help to reduce the level of LDL cholesterol. These drugs are use d in combination with statins. Such a combination helps to increase the rate at which LDL cholesterol is reduced.

A physician’s diagnosis and advice is of utmost importance in case you are suffering from a high cholesterol level. Drugs meant to reduce cholesterol may have significant side effects and should not be taken in combination with a number of other drugs.