Cholesterol Treatment

Treat Cholesterol with Fibers and Statins

Statin is one of the most popular medications to cure blood cholesterol level. But it also poses notorious side effect in the form of constipation. Well, fiber supplements come in handy to address this issue as they help fight constipation in patients.

In addition to this, fiber supplements in tandem with statins are also known to effect much better cholesterol busting. It has been found that administering just 5 milligrams of soluble fiber thrice daily along with the once daily 10 milligrams dose of simvastatin helped in 36% drop of cholesterol.

This is in comparison to the 29% cholesterol drop observed with the same dose of simvastatin without any intake of soluble fiber. To yield the equal 36% cholesterol drop with solely simvastatin intake, it took double the earlier daily dose.

When seen in money terms, it is most beneficial to use low cost soluble fiber through the intake of certain plant products in tandem with lower dose simvastatin (costly). About 10 milligrams comprising the daily dose of simvastatin is found just about optimum.

This is to effect significant cholesterol lowering in tandem with 5 milligrams of soluble fiber taken thrice daily. It has been further found that doubling the dose of simvastatin to 20 milligrams daily does not obtain extra benefits. Rather, the opposite effect is produced.

It means that LDL cholesterol levels in the blood begin to increase after a certain dose beyond 10 milligrams of simvastatin is used. Therefore there is great merit in the recommendation to use soluble fiber (5 milligram thrice daily) as a supplement with the optimum daily 10 milligram simvastatin. More is definitely not better in the case of simvastatin.  

It has also been found that the use of plant products that contain soluble fibers are the ones that tend to produce the best effect. Such products include Psyllium powder, peas, broccoli, yams, oats, apples, beans, prunes, carrots, berries, barley, and Brussels sprouts.

The use of soluble fiber containing plant products along with statins needs to be accompanied by sufficient intake of water to obtain the requisite benefits. This is to avoid side effects such as constipation.

Fighting high cholesterol with the above statin and fiber combination is not sufficient. If your lifestyle is sedentary, you will lose all the benefits. You therefore need to exercise daily and keep at it to burn the extra lipids in your body along with taking medication.

Moreover, you need to stay away from smoking, high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes to keep heart disease at bay. All of this, plus alcohol abstinence, moderation, and a balanced diet is what is essential to keep cholesterol in control.