Cholesterol Treatment

Vytorin Controls Your Cholesterol Like Nothing Else Does

Vytorin is one of the many FDA approved drugs used in United States for treatment of cholesterol related problems. It is known as a combination of generic medications Simvastatin and Ezetimibe.

The purpose and prescription of Vytorin
Doctors prescribe Vytorin to patients suffering from high cholesterol levels. It is prescribed along with a number of proposed lifestyle and dietary changes. It is also effective in removing other fatty substances from the body. The medicine may be prescribed alone or in some cases, may be prescribed with a HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor (statin). Mainly the role of this medicine is to ensure minimal level of absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.

Vytorin Consumption
Vytorin is available in the form of tablet that can be eaten as normal. You are free to take it regardless you are eating or not. It is however strongly recommended that you do not alter the schedule of taking this medicine. Consume it at the same time everyday so as to ensure a gap of at least 24 hours between consumption of two doses. It is also recommended that even after you feel well for some time, you should not stop consuming this medicine because it is most effective when taken in long runs.

Precautions with regard to consumption of Vytorin
Before you take Vytorin when referred to by your doctor, you should inform him you are allergic to the medicine or any of its variants. You must also tell your doctor about other medicines that you may be taking. You must be specially careful if you are taking any blood thinner like Warfarin.

Known Side effects of Vytorin
Vytorin has its own side effects as any medicine is prone to having. Thankfully, not all the people who consume this medicine are known to have these side effects. Most of the cases where the effects have been seen are cases of minor side effects. Headache has been the most common of the side effects. Test conducted on approximately 3800 people reveals that 5.8% people have experienced headache. Second most common side effect has been Diarrhea, seen in 5% of the test subjects. A similar percentage of the test subjects revealed symptoms of common cold. Flu was also found among the side effects but in only 2.3% of the people. Some pain related side effects of Vytorin have also come to light. These include muscle pain in 3.6% of the people, back pain 2.3% and pain in extremities in another 2.3% of the people.

Dietary consideration
To show the best results, Vytorin consumption should be accompanied with a well regulated dietary system. Make sure that your diet is low in cholesterol and low in fat. You must only consume monosaturated fats but if you can stop fat intake altogether, so much the better.