Cholesterol Treatment

Zetia- A Cholesterol Lowering Medicine

The latest addition to the long list of cholesterol lowering medications is Zetia. Also known as ezetimibe, this cholesterol lowering medication may not be as popular as statins but is equally effective.

Though both statins and Zetia aim at lowering cholesterol levels, their working is different. While statins prevent the formation of cholesterol in the body, Zetia prevents the absorption of cholesterol consumed as a part of the diet. This medicine helps bring down your LDL levels and also increases your HDL count.

Count your medications
When you begin to use Zetia, it is important that you do so in the right manner. You simply cannot jump at the medicine. For this purpose begin by considering all the medications that you are consuming. Make sure that you include both over the counter and prescription medications here. After taking all these medicines into consideration will your doctor be able to decide whether you can go in for Zetia or not.

Time your consumption
It may happen that you may be taking other cholesterol lowering medicines along with Zetia. In such cases it is important to take Zetia at the right time. Other cholesterol medications should be taken long before or after the consumption of Zetia to avoid negative interaction between the two medicines. Thus make sure that you consume Zetia at the right time as prescribed by the doctor.

Store it right
Storing Zetia in the right manner is necessary if you want to prevent the medicine from getting destroyed. Zetia should always be stored at the right temperature and away from wet conditions. Also make sure that this medicine is out of kid's reach.

Watch your results
You may be consuming Zetia but to no effect at all. To know whether Zetia is working or not for you, you should get your blood drawn at regular intervals. On studying the results your doctor will make necessary adjustments in your Zetia dosage.

Eat right
If you really want your Zetia want to work for you, it is important that you follow the right diet. Eat foods that are rich in fiber and low on fat. Zetia won't be effective if you don't adhere to healthy eating.

Work it out

A workout in any form is necessary if you want your cholesterol levels to improve. Go for a brisk walk or an early morning jog in the morning. Other cardiovascular exercise will also prove to be of great help. Regular exercising will help Zetia work in a much better manner for you.

The bottom line is thus loud and clear. Zetia is no wonder pill that can treat your high cholesterol levels miraculously. If you really want the medicine to work a healthy lifestyle is a must.