Cholesterol Advice

High Cholesterol Could Lead to Memory Loss

The common knowledge is that a high level of cholesterol in the human body can lead to various heart related problems which can be cured only with angioplasty or open heart surgery. According to the recent research, the health care experts have also found a connection between cholesterol and memory loss.

The research says that low levels of High Density Lipoprotien in your blood can lead to cases of memory loss. This HDL is considered the good cholesterol and is required to regulate the quantity of bad cholesterol in your blood. It must be understood that if the concerns are not addressed in time, it may even lead to dementia in later stages of life.

Proper care was taken to ensure that the research findings are not skewed by the usage of Statin drug. The drug was not used to increase the levels of of good cholesterol or reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the test subjects. The 2008 research shows that as people approach the age of 60, if their HDL level remains lower, there are as much as 53% chances of  these people suffering memory loss.

Recent Research
Another study was conducted in 2002 which reveled that among the women with a high amount of Low Level Lipoprotien, the risk of cognitive decline becomes significant as they approach the middle age. According to the same study, it was found that consumption of fish as well as fish oil was able to control the possibility of any such thing from happening. The study was carried on for four more years and during this period, it was noticed that subjects who were able to lower the count of LDL in their blood were also able to lower the risk of memory loss.

Another study was conducted in 2004. This study also found that people who are consuming high cholesterol diets have a higher risk of contracting memory loss related problems, This study also proved the effectiveness of fish and fish oil products at controlling the risk of memory loss in the person because of high levels of LDL. This has also boosted the reputation of fish as a brain enhancement food.

Your move
It is obvious that if you want to keep your memory intact, you cannot leave the cholesterol levels of your body out of consideration. There are a number of ways you can use to ensure that the cholesterol levels of your body do not rise to alarming levels. Make sure that you know about your diet in detail and do not consume tobacco or tobacco products, especially smoking. Additionally you can finds drugs in the market which can help you lower the level of cholesterol in your body.