Cholesterol Advice

Foods That Help To Lower Your Cholesterol

One of the major factors contributing to the risk of cardiovascular disease is high cholesterol level. There are several types of foods that help lower cholesterol. Eating these foods will help you to keep your cholesterol under control. A diet consisting of these groups of food will not only lower your cholesterol but also keep your weight in check.

Your grandma was right all along with her choice of foods for breakfast. Yes, oatmeal and barley are a great choice for breakfast food. These foods not only reduce blood cholesterol level, they are high on fiber and have a low glycemic index.

The underlying guideline for any healthy diet is to eat foods high on unsaturated fat and low on saturated or trans fat. Eat healthy vegetables oils such as olive oil and sunflower oil and reduce consumption of food rich in dietary cholesterol such as dairy and red meat. Foods such as brussel sprouts, kidney beans and fatty fish are very helpful in lowering blood cholesterol.  Nuts are a rich source of good fat. Don’t eat too many nuts as these are rich in calories.

Whole grains are rich in fiber and help to reduce the levels of cholesterol in your body. Fruit and vegetables are not only packed with vitamins and mineral but also help to reduce bad cholesterol levels.

Fatty Sea fish rich in omega-3 fatty acid increase the level of HDL cholesterol and help to reduce LDL cholesterol.

Following a sensible diet plan will help to control your cholesterol level and