Cholesterol Advice

Keep Cholesterol Levels Under Check

One should always keep their cholesterol levels under check because it can lead to a number of other aliments. It is also important to check the risk factors associated with the cholesterol build up.
Cholesterol is carried by lipoproteins in the form of solid fat in our blood. It gets deposited on the walls of arteries that may ultimately get blocked and cause strokes and heart attacks.

However the abnormal cholesterol levels can be effectively controlled in several ways. The first step begins from your home. You need to manage your diet and control the fat intake, particularly saturated fats. You need to lead a healthier lifestyle and inculcate healthy food habits. This means you need to add more vegetables and fruits in your diet. Also, have a regular exercise regime.

If these methods do not prove to be effective in lowering your cholesterol levels, seeing a physician may be a good option. The physician can suggest you effective medication to bring down your cholesterol levels.

You need to be more careful regarding low density lipoproteins. LDL cholesterol contributes to artery blockage by depositing inside artery walls and can lead to heart attack due to clogged arteries. Higher LDL cholesterol levels would imply higher risk. Don’t be surprised at something called ‘good cholesterol’ which is the name given to High-density lipoprotein (HDL). It prevents arteries from getting clogged. Higher HDL cholesterol levels usually imply lower risk.

A blood test such as lipids profile can be successfully done to report your HDL cholesterol; LDL cholesterol; Total cholesterol and Triglycerides.

High cholesterol level does not show any symptoms but makes you prone to heart disease hence its very important to get your cholesterol levels regularly checked as it may lead to several obesity related ailments as well. Tracing a problem at initial stage helps you handle it in a better manner.

For effective measures against cholesterol, take lot of fat free milk products and low fat food items. Cholesterol medication can have side effects hence it can be avoided as long as possible by adopting lifestyle changes. But in the severe cases, one has to recourse to medications only. Medications along with lifestyle changes however work best for cholesterol reduction.