Cholesterol Advice

Know Your Cholesterol Levels to Reduce Risk

The risks of high cholesterol levels are no longer unknown. From coronary attacks to severe heart diseases, the risks associated with high cholesterol level are ample. To avoid these risks, it becomes important that you keep your cholesterol levels in check.

The first step in the direction of controlling your cholesterol would be to measure your cholesterol levels. It is only then that you would know whether your cholesterol is in the desirable range or not. Once your cholesterol levels are out there in the form of figures, it is time for you to know how good or bad it is.

Total cholesterol level

Less than 200 mg/ dl
This range is desirable. If you want to keep your cholesterol levels controlled then you should try and ensure that your cholesterol level falls in this range.

200 to 239 mg/dl
If your cholesterol falls within this range then consider this as the alarming bell. It is time to take action and bring your cholesterol in control. Lifestyle changes including modifications in diet and right exercise will prove beneficial.

240 mg/dl and above
This cholesterol bracket is extremely undesirable and marks extremely high levels of cholesterol. If your cholesterol happens to be in this range, you are running at a great risk of heart diseases. Use of cholesterol lowering medications along with right lifestyle changes would help.

HDL level

40 mg/dl and below
This range signifies a low HDL count implying that you are at a greater risk of heart diseases. Statins such as Zocor and Lipitor can help in increasing your HDL level.

60 mg/dl and above
For those whose cholesterol falls within this range, it is time to celebrate. Yu have a fairly high HDL level which means your potential risk of coronary attacks and heart diseases is reduced substantially.

LDL level

Less than 100 mg/dl
This is the desired LDL level. You have nothing to worry about and can continue with your routine lifestyle.

100 to 129 mg/dl
Bull's eye! If your cholesterol levels fall in this range you are close to having your cholesterol in healthiest range.

130 to 159 mg/dl
This range is considered borderline high and the right time for you to take action. Start inculcation a healthier routine before your LDL gets out of control.

160 to 189 mg/dl
If your cholesterol level falls within this range then consider yourself under a constant threat of developing heart diseases or related complications. Cholesterol lowering medication such as Zetia along with right dietary changes would help.

190 mg/dl and above
This is the highest and the unhealthiest range for LDL levels. This implies that you are at a great risk of heart diseases. Go in for a proper treatment that includes right medication, diet and exercise.