Cholesterol Advice

Understanding The Link Between Cholesterol And Thyroid

The common perception about high cholesterol is that it comes from excessive and unbalanced eating and that it can lead to many kinds of heart problems. If you eat more fats, your body will have to cope with more cholesterol. The latest research has found out that cholesterol levels are affected by the thyroid levels of our body. If you can understand this connection, you can easily regulate the cholesterol levels in your body.

Understanding how thyroid and cholesterol levels are interconnected
The thyroid gland of your body is located in your neck. It is responsible for the production of thyroxine hormone which regulates the overall metabolism of your body. The more thyroxine that your body can generate, the higher will your body metabolism be and ultimately higher will be the energy generation and fat consumption in your body. If your body is not producing enough amounts of thyroxine, the energy consumption levels of your body will decline.

It is to be noted here that the slowness in generation of thyroxine also leads to slower speeds of processing and consumption of cholesterol in body. If the 'LDL receptors' of your body start to perform lesser, or if they decrease in numbers, it leads to many problems. The LDL levels of your body increase too much and with more LDL in your body, the cholesterol level of your body also goes up.

In 2008, a research was conducted to understand if the people who have low levels of thyroxine in body tend to fall victims to coronary artery disease in higher numbers as compared to those who do not. The research justified the assumption. An additional finding of this study was that such a condition was more likely to occur in women than in men.

Diagnosis and Treatment
A simple blood test is enough to find out if the cholesterol and thyroid levels of your body are within the acceptable zone or not. This is also necessary in the case of Thyroid stimulating hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland of human body. The role of pituitary glands is to regulate the thyroxine level of this body so if thyroxine levels in your body decrease, it will lead to secretion of more Thyroid stimulating hormone and the other way round.

If you are suffering from low level of thyroid, you will need Levoxy, Synthroid or any other such hormone which can replenish the levels of thyroid in your blood.

Thyroid Function Test

If you think that the thyroid levels in your body are not up to the mark or if you are diagnosed to have high levels of cholesterol in your blood, you should get a thyroid function test. It would help you determine if you are not suffering because of the link between cholesterol and thyroid.