Cholesterol Advice

Stress and Cholesterol Are Related

It has been known for years that individually, chronic stress and high cholesterol levels are very harmful to human body. Recent reports have indicated that the two can also form a deadly duo to give you different kinds of heart related diseases. Every doctor has advised that people should keep their stress levels to minimum and now it has been found that increased stress itself can lead to high cholesterol and consequently a high risk of heart trouble.

Relation between the stress inducing hormones and cholesterol
Cholesterol is manufactured by our liver based upon the body's adrenaline and cortisol levels. Primary use of cholesterol is to generate more energy in the human body as well as to repair the damaged cells. Cholesterol is waxy and fatty in nature and it is also capable of clogging the blood vessels which makes it an unwelcome necessity of human body.  

It is presumed that stress hormones which primarily act in reaction to a fear inducing situation, help generate a lot of energy. If however this energy is not used up properly, it ends up being jammed in some part of the body as extra fat. In addition to this, cortisol is also capable of speeding up the creation of sugar in human body which acts as a source of instant energy for human body.

Today, people tend to lead a very stressful life. In such a condition, their body generates a lot of sugar but it remains unused. This extra sugar has to be stored somewhere so the body converts it into either fatty acids or in some cases into triglycerides. According to currently established theories, the deposit of fat primarily takes place in the abdomen area and if you have a lot of fat in abdomen area, you are much more prone to getting heart problems.

Your personality matters as well
People tend to react differently to stress. According to the currently established sets of personality traits, people who are time oriented and focused on detail, as well as people who are classified as having a distressed personality are more prone to falling victim to such matters.They have rather capable stress hormones. When in stress, they experience increase in their heart rate, their blood vessels tend to contract and their body generates more sugar. This leads to heart problems.

Tackling the stress issue
A study was conducted in 2007 about the capability of people to handle good cholesterol. The role of this cholesterol is to help the body get rid of fat. It has also been found that if you are prone to high degrees of stress, you should consider day dreaming. This will help you divert your mind from problems and matters that induce stress. Additionally, you should also remain committed to regular exercises and healthy eating.