High Cholesterol

A General Advice on Lowering Cholesterol

If you are afflicted with high cholesterol level, you will have to immediately adopt ways to lower your cholesterol. There are a number of ways to lower cholesterol. But you need to bring in a lot of consistency in following these ways.

If you have very high level of cholesterol, it could be an indication of possible cardiovascular malady. In such a case, you need to take medication to lower your cholesterol. Usually Medicines such as satins or niacin are prescribed to cure cholesterol problems. You can also go for cholesterol absorption inhibitors, if suggested by the doctor. For very high cholesterol, treatment should strictly be in consultation with a medical practitioner.

However people with moderate cholesterol problems can always use certain OTC products and lifestyle changes to cure their condition. As, lifestyle changes could alone bring in a permanent cure for your cholesterol problem.

Next, a person with cholesterol problems should resort to certain good eating habits. You must keep away from all fatty as well as cholesterol rich foods. While cooking, use cholesterol free recipes, it will greatly help reduce cholesterol levels. You can find various recipes online as well. Lentil soup or bean and spinach soup are the perfect recipes to control cholesterol.

Also say NO to oily food-stuffs, red meat and fats. Go for breads and vegetables instead. Pasta could also be an alternative food for you. In very severe cases of high cholesterol, even simple carbohydrates should be avoided as they tend to add a lot of LDL content to the blood. LDL is bad cholesterol and would further worsen your situation. However you can enjoy pasta made up of wheat or simple wheat bread. You can consume complex carbohydrates that hardly give a way to formation of LDL.

Regular exercises on treadmill, particularly cholesterol programmed treadmill workouts could also prove very effective. So, all in all a regular exercise regime along with good eating habits can go a long way to cure your problem in the long-run.