High Cholesterol

Home Remedies for Cholesterol Treatment

High cholesterol levels in your bloodstream can pose danger to your heart. However, if you use the home remedies suggested below and take the right precautions in future, there is no reason to worry.

Olive Oil: It is a very good home remedy to reduce the cholesterol level in your bloodstream. To use the remedy, you need to mix a small amount of olive oil in your daily intake of green leaf salads. Olive oil is good for your heart and your blood.

See, the reason the green leaf salads are suggested as the medium for taking olive oil is because they are full of fiber. The presence of fiber is extremely important in lowering bloodstream cholesterol deposits. Together with this good effect, the presence of fiber in your body also helps in lowering blood pressure. This in turn lowers the stress on your heart.

Sunflower seeds: These are a good source of linoleic acid that helps decrease the cholesterol deposits in your blood vessels, especially that in your arteries. It is high time people with high cholesterol replaced their cholesterol increasing cooking oil by one sourced from sunflower seeds. Alternatively, you can use soya-bean oil or sesame oil in place of sunflower oil.

Coriander Seeds: They form one of the most effective home remedies for high cholesterol. To use it, grind 2 to 3 tablespoons full of coriander seeds and pour into a glass full of water. Keep it standing for a while and then strain the mixture. Drink the strained water two to three times daily. Not only does this help in reducing the cholesterol level in your bloodstream, but is also beneficial for removing impurities from the blood through your kidneys.

Water: Drinking water in sufficient quantity helps to purify your blood. You need to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to get the benefit of reduced cholesterol deposits in your bloodstream. Besides this good effect, water is one of the best cures for a host of other ailments in your body. It helps flush out impurities and uric acid formed in the body.

This is a high cholesterol reducer. It has a beneficial effect on your heart functioning too.  Raw garlic is the most effective cholesterol buster, but the only issue is that most people do not like its taste. To use the remedy practically, you need to mix garlic with its skin peeled off to green salads or to make a paste of garlic in this condition and drinking that with milk or water as diluting agents.

Although, the use of the above home remedies will help bring down the level of cholesterol in your bloodstream substantially you need to take some precautions. These are necessary, if you want to benefit in the long term. You also need to exercise every day and take the requisite dietary precautions to keep cholesterol within control.