High Cholesterol

Reduce high cholesterol in your child by changing dietary patterns

High cholesterol levels in the blood are not conducive to the health of the heart. Whether high blood cholesterol exists in adults or children it is an undesirable condition. The prevalence of high cholesterol in a child is something that is a recent trend.

High blood cholesterol in a child can create cardiovascular problems early on in the life of the child. In order to control this vey unhealthy manifestation of modern day life, it is necessary to make drastic changes in your child’s diet. Change in diet alone, may not help to control the cholesterol level in your child in case it is too high. Exercise is another thing that is very important.

Exercise is essential for children as it contributes to physical growth and development.

The American Heart Association has made certain recommendations for children’s eating patterns. Following these will help not only to lower the cholesterol levels, but also provide children with adequate protein, carbohydrates, fat vitamins and minerals necessary for growth and development.  

The diet should include monounsaturated fat, found in fish, vegetable oils and nuts. This type of fat helps to reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Your child should not eat foods high in saturated fats, trans fat or dietary cholesterol. Do think twice before you let your child bite into that twinkie. Make
sure that your child eats plenty of vegetables and fruit. Each mal of a child should at least contain one fruit or vegetable serving.
Following these and other guidelines can help to lower your child’s cholesterol levels. Eat healthy and stay fit.