High Cholesterol

Useful Tips on Reducing Cholesterol

Although cholesterol is required by the human body for certain physiological functions, an excess of cholesterol in the blood stream is not only unhealthy but also a potentially life threatening situation. It is this nature of cholesterol that often results in this substance being labeled as the Jekyll and Hyde of the human body.

The liver generates cholesterol and is also responsible for for metabolizing and eliminating excess of cholesterol from the body.  Since the liver produces the bodily requirement of cholesterol and helps in its elimination, why does the level of cholesterol in the blood stream rise above normal levels?

Excessive consumption of food items that are rich in cholesterol, improper and sedentary lifestyle and smoking are some of the factors that result in high cholesterol levels. In order to control or manage cholesterol the first step that we need to take is to modify our diet.

Vegetables and fruit do not produce or contain cholesterol and hence the consumption of such foods does not affect cholesterol levels. The animals produce the cholesterol in their bodies and foods such as eggs, milk, and meat contain a high level. These products when consumed increase the normal cholesterol levels in the body. Hence, doctors and cholesterol management theories recommend the food that helps to reduce cholesterol.

The following are certain tips from various diets that help to lower high cholesterol levels in your blood:

- Reduce the intake of animal products like meat, egg and dairy products. It will help to a great extent in lowering cholesterol absorption by the blood.
- Take fruits and vegetable salads since such foods are rich in fiber. Fiber helps to reduce cholesterol and prevents assimilation.
- Chew two-three seeds of garlic everyday in the morning. It helps in lowering the LDL levels.
- Don't smoke and avoid heavy drinking. Maintain proper dietary habits.
- Exercise regularly as this helps to reduce LDL levels and to increase HDL levels.
- Ginger promotes the flow of blood properly and also cuts down the plagued fats. Include high levels of ginger in your food.
- Drink lots of fruit juices and take Vitamin C supplements.
- Increase intake of grapes and apples.

These tips will definitely help to reduce excessive cholesterol levels.