High Cholesterol

7 Major Causes of High Cholesterol

As far as your health is concerned, high amount of cholesterol in your blood endangers your heart and also other organs of your body. It also brings on illnesses that you would be very much thankful to be without. Now there are several causes for the increase of cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. Here is a list of 7 major causes that increase your cholesterol levels and affect your health adversely.

Eating saturated fat containing foods
Anything cooked in butter, coconut oil, palm oil, or cocoa butter and eaten will cause your high cholesterol levels to go up. Otherwise too, veal, beef, milk, pork, butter, and eggs contain saturated fat and need to be avoided. It is the saturated fat  that is responsible for increase of high cholesterol levels in blood. It is also contained in shortened vegetable oils, margarine stick, and in cookies, chips, crackers, and fast foods.

Your weight
This is an important factor that helps to increase LDL (low-density lipoprotein) in your blood. High body weight can also tend to decrease the levels of HDL (high-density lipoprotein) in your body. Now you need to know that HDL in high amount in the body makes for controlled levels of cholesterol in the bloodstream and as such more HDL is considered good for your health. On the contrary, more LDL means more free cholesterol in the bloodstream and therefore that is bad for your health.

Skipping your periodic health checkup
Especially over the age of 40, skipping your periodic health checkup by a qualified doctor can result in chronic illnesses such as diabetes attack. Skipping such important appointments with your doctor can invite the scourge of heart disease on yourself, because of high cholesterol levels in your bloodstream. Therefore you need to have regular visits to your doctor and with age the frequency naturally will increase.

Hereditary factors
If your parents or forefathers have had been endangered in the past by high cholesterol in their bloodstream, you automatically tend to become a prime candidate for the same. Therefore, people with familial tendencies towards high cholesterol need to take all the requisite precautions to keep heart disease and other illnesses affecting the blood circulatory system at bay.

Cigarette smoking
Yes, this one is also a factor in endangering your heart as it straightaway decreases the amount of HDL in your body, which makes your blood vessels unprotected from free cholesterol deposition in them. Cigarette smoking also is bad for your lungs as it affects their capacity to supply as much oxygen-rich air to the body’s tissues as is required for their growth and development. Better to quit smoking now than when it is too late.

Gender and age
These two factors also play their own role in high cholesterol levels in the bloodstream. You will find that after the age of 20, the tendency for increase of cholesterol deposition in the bloodstream picks up significantly. So, you need to be more careful of all the factors that tend to increase it and take adequate precautions. In males, cholesterol levels tend to taper off at about 50 years age, but in females cholesterol levels really pick up post-menopause. Before this, women generally spared the risks of high cholesterol in their bloodstream.

Lack of exercise
This factor definitely affects your cholesterol level in a negative manner. So what you need to do is to go in for regular exercise. By doing so, you can burn off excess fat in your body and decrease LDL. Here is a useful guide on reducing cholesterol naturally.