High Cholesterol

Some Risk Factors Which Can Cause High Cholesterol

The high cholesterol is one of the major problems which has badly affected the people across the globe in recent years. Cholesterol leads to several complications of heart and the ultimate death. There are many reasons which lead to the high cholesterol levels in the life of a person. To reduce the graph of cholesterol levels, you need to make certain changes in your life style.

The cholesterol comes with several risk factors. Among various factors, the first one is the excess weight which has become a menace all over the world including US. Due to their hectic schedule, the Americans do less exercise as they age and eat foods comprising high calories. The tined food with high levels of saturated fats has become a nuisance in the life of the people which ultimately leads to the higher graph of cholesterol levels.

To keep the cholesterol levels in the normal range, it is advisable to replace the fatty foods with less calorific diet. It would be good in case the person does some walking and light exercises. The second important reason for the high cholesterol level is the ancestral tree. It is important to check the parents and siblings if they have high levels of cholesterol or not.

The third risk factor is the lack of exercise. The couch potatoes and inactive people suffer higher cholesterol levels. The lack of exercise is a major problem for these people. It is good to drive the bicycle or have a good walk. It is advisable to continue the process for a week. Alternatively, you can join the gymnasium. The fourth risk factor is the gender. The women tend to suffer high levels of cholesterol once they pass through the stage of menopause while, generally, men have high cholesterol levels at the younger age than women.

The fifth factor is the alcoholism. Some people are under the impression that consumption of red wine can reduce the cholesterol levels which is not completely true. Wine can raise the HDL levels of the cholesterol. The last risk factor is stress which is responsible for a lot of complications.