Cholesterol Advice

Blood Test For Measuring Cholesterol Level

Cholesterol in the requisite amount happens to be very useful for various functions of body. It helps in production of bile and various hormones in the body. It also contributes to digestive processes. Its excess however could be a bane for your body. Well, excess of cholesterol in your body may lead to n-number of complications which may prove quite disastrous for your body.

So all obese folks, diabetes patients and those who suspect that they have developed high level of cholesterol, must undergo blood cholesterol test to find out level of cholesterol deposition. All middle age or above forty people should also keep track of their cholesterol level with the help of this test.

This test is conducted after putting you on fasting. The test is also known as fasting lipoprotein. The test gives four counts. It measures total cholesterol level, HDL level (good cholesterol level), LDL level (bad cholesterol level) and Triglyceride.

The test is basically done to check your propensity to develop cardiovascular maladies. If you are gearing up to undergo the test you should refrain yourself from drinking and eating anything baring water fourteen hours before the test.

If you happen to be an alcoholic folk then you are better suggested to give up drinking two days in advance before the test. The test hardly takes any time. You are simply needed to offer a little amount of your blood- that is taken out from your arm's vein with the help of a needle and a syringe. Entire procedure of taking out blood takes not more than three or four minutes. Once the blood is taken out from your body, you can consume food and beverages.

The test carries probably no risk. Though, it could prove be troublesome for haemophilic people and people with other bleeding complications.

As I have already mentioned, result of the test throws light on four counts. If any of the count happens to be beyond the normal range it is marked with red. Test report comes with a column of normal counts of all four measurements. For total cholesterol count maximum limit is two hundred mg per dL. For HDL normal range would be forty to sixty mg per dL. Similarly maximum normal limit for LDL is one hundred and sixty mg per dL. This LDL limit should be strictly not crossed otherwise you carry a great risk of cardiac complications. In fact this test is particularly meant for LDL measurement as it happens to be the bad cholesterol facilitating host of maladies.