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Some Frequently Asked Questions on HDL-Cholesterol Test

HDL-Cholesterol is “good” cholesterol as it removes whatever excess cholesterol that is there in the tissues and takes it to the liver to be subsequently expelled from the body. So why do we test HDL-Cholesterol test?

The reason for conducting the HDL-C test is precisely the same. Because HDL-Cholesterol is essentially good, its level is to be measured in order to find out whether there are normal levels of it present in the blood or not. A drop in its level can lead to a drop in the amount of cholesterol filtered from your body, which would then accumulate in your arteries and harden them.

However, the test is also conducted to find out any other underlying cause as well. For the purpose of formulating an effective method of treatment, it is essential to zero in on the real cause.

How to go about the test?
One needs a sample of blood in order to determine the levels of HDL-Cholesterol. In order to get it, a mere prick of sanitized needle on the tip of the finger would do. However, better analysis can be done if the sample is collected from the veins.

Where should I get the test done?
You might have come across portable testing stations in numerous health fairs. They would collect a finger-stick sample of blood and would use a portable analyser to determine the level of HDL-Cholesterol. While this may sound a very cheap and quick method of analysis, often the results are off the mark. To get accurate results, always go to a certified clinical laboratory.

What are the causes which bungle the results?
There are a few things which you might need to take care of while going for a HDL-Cholesterol test. Always get it done after you have fasted for at least twelve hours. That ways, your cholesterol levels would have stabilized. Any high fatty or cholesterol-rich before the test can bungle the results. Hence, fast before you get the test done.

Note: This is also the reason why laboratory tests are always more accurate than tests conducted at various health-fairs. Factors like these are always ruled out before the test is done.

Who can get the HDL cholesterol test done?
Those who lead a healthy life style (eating healthy and exercising regularly) can get it done once every five years. Those who have been diagnosed with high levels of cholesterol need to get a lipid profile done. This would reveal the exact cause of high cholesterol. Lipid profiling can be done for children and adolescents. However, it is imperative that the family history is verified before the test is conducted. Children below 2 years of age, however, are too young and can be exempted from the test.