Cholesterol Advice

Opt for Home Cholesterol Tests

Home cholesterol test helps a person suffering from high level of blood cholesterol to reign over his LDL or bad cholesterol. In fact, there are two types of cholesterol- HDL and LDL. LDL or bad cholesterol creates all the problems for the human body like cardiovascular diseases and cardiac risk. That is why several cholesterol diets aim at controlling cholesterol and stress on your having low-cholesterol diet so that cholesterol ratio may return to normal levels.

Home cholesterol tests have been in practice since 1993. You can get such home test kits at your local pharmacies. They are very advantageous to people suffering from high level of cholesterol. The results shown by such tests have been 95 % accurate all the time.

You do not need a prescription to buy a home test kit for cholesterol. It is available over the counter and is affordable. One such test is the CholesTrak home cholesterol test which is approved by FDA. You can measure your blood cholesterol level conveniently with this test. This test is a quick way to measure your blood cholesterol level. It is almost 97 % accurate and you can measure your blood cholesterol level in the privacy of your home.

Cholesterol control is necessary so that you do not suffer from high level of blood pressure and stroke. For that, you should follow cholesterol diets and exercise regularly. It is required that you follow the guidelines so that drawbacks in using a cholesterol test for home can be avoided.