Cholesterol Advice

What is VAP Cholesterol Test?

As the medical sciences advance, they lead to more effective and efficient techniques of diagnosis and treatment. One such case is the Vertical Auto Profile (VAP) cholesterol test. The test has brought phenomenal changes to the manner in which you are tested for the cholesterol levels in your body. It provides a lot more information than the traditional blood test which was earlier conducted to check the overall blood cholesterol levels. This test can also help in accurate prediction of the risk that a person bears of falling victim to a heart disease, even later in his life.

It is important that you remain updated about the cholesterol levels in your body. If your cholesterol level crosses the red line, it can bring various problems like heart diseases, diabetes and even stroke. With the VAP test, it is possible to find out not just the level of cholesterol in the body but much more. The test has been developed in Alabama and has received the nod of United States Food and Drug Administration.

Scope of VAP test
The company which has developed the VAP claims that it has the possibility to identify twice as many cases as were done by the standard lipid profile tests. The VAP  test can measure levels of LDL and total HDL as well as the levels of Triglyceride. Whereas the primary aspect of VAP is just like that of a standard lipid profile test - spinning the blood in a centrifuge, the measurements for results are significantly different and much more comprehensive, thus revealing a stash of information.

The test gives information about LDL by size based categories as well as by classification of the HDL cholesterol including HDL 2 which is the biggest threat. In addition to this, if certain patterns are identified in LDL, the possibility of cholesterol leading to high blood pressure also increases by a significant margin.

The new test is able of measuring various parameters which the standard test would simply ignore. This primarily includes the VLDL and IDL  which are kinds of lipoprotien classified according to their density. Additionally the VAP test also measures the Lipoprotien(a). According to the researchers of the company which has developed this test, the information revealed by these new parameters can lead to accurate prediction of the possibility of patient becoming infected by any cholesterol induced diseases.

Administration of VAP test
It must be understood that the VAP test still relies on the basics of a standard lipid test. The doctor will still use a syringe to draw blood out of your body which would be analyzed. The test is being administered at many health care facilities in United States and in many countries across the globe.