High Cholesterol

Diet and Exercise- Key to Lowering Cholesterol

The increased amount of LDL cholesterol in our body is very harmful. Hence, lowering down high LDL cholesterol level is very important, no matter what your age and health condition is. You need to regulate your diet as well as go for exercise which is very important for the over all well being of your body.

Follow a cholesterol free diet and a full time exercise regime in case of obesity which in itself is a contributing factor to so many aliments. You need to lose weight as it is the root cause of your high cholesterol. A few changes in your life pattern can result in gaining normal cholesterol levels. Mainly you need to follow a diet plan and exercise regularly.
Diet here does not refer to giving up eating what you enjoy the most. You just need to achieve a proper balance by including healthy food stuff in your diet like grains, vegetables and fruits. and giving up diet rich in saturated fat and cholesterol.

As for exercises, you can do what you like- swimming, jogging, walking, aerobic dance or cycling. However always consult your physician before you begin a vigorous regime. Exercise helps your heart pump better by making it strong thus, facilitating more oxygen supply to your body organs. It also lowers the risk of heart diseases by lowering LDL and cleaning clogged arteries.

Physical exercise is an essential part of cholesterol diet therapies which aim at reducing blood cholesterol. Exercise helps you reduce triglyceride level and blood pressure. Thereby, decreases your risk for diabetes and increases the HDL cholesterol level. But, consulting your doctor is essential before starting with a cholesterol diet and exercise regime.

All in all, exercise combined with a healthy diet plan can speed up weight loss by burning your calories faster. Therefore, the simplest way to reduce cholesterol levels lies in following a perfect diet and exercise routine.