High Cholesterol

Herbs That Help To Lower Cholesterol

Recent studies have proved that there are varieties of natural herbs that can help to lower cholesterol levels. Using these herbs either in a pure form or in the form of extracts and supplements is very effective in lowering LDL or bad cholesterol and increasing the HDL or good cholesterol.

There are a number of reasons that contribute to high levels of cholesterol such as genetic predisposition and diet. High cholesterol levels have very few symptoms and the condition is known as a silent killer.

Herbs are a natural way to lower high levels of serum cholesterol. People of all ages can use them safely. Natural herbs when compared to drugs have fewer side effects. Nevertheless, you should consult your physician before taking an herbal extract or supplement as these may interfere with any existing medication or herb that you might be using.

Some of the main herbs that are used to reduce high cholesterol and to improve the HDL to LDL cholesterol ratio are guggul, hawthorn berry, fenugreek seeds, garlic and licorice root. Other substances that are also used for the same purpose are turmeric, cayenne, aloe vera and thyme.

Besides using medication or herbs for reducing your cholesterol, you should also make changes to the food that you eat, exercise to reduce your weight, quit smoking and lead a healthier lifestyle.