High Cholesterol

How to Increase HDL?

HDL or high density lipoproteins are the good cholesterol. The reason why HDL is termed as good cholesterol is because of the fact that it helps in absorbing excess cholesterol from the blood. HDL scours the walls of blood vessels and drains out excess cholesterol. This cholesterol is then transported by HDL to the liver where it is finally eliminated from the body.

If you have a HDL level of 60 mg/DL then there is nothing to worry about. However an increase in HDL is always welcome as a minor increase of 1 mg/DL in HDL can bring down the risk of heart disease by 2 to 3%. A few easy and simple steps can help you pump up your HDL levels. Let us find out what you can do to increase your HDL.

Watch your weight
Obese people generally have a high LDL level and low HDL. To increase the HDL level, it becomes imperative for one to reduce weight. The weight to hip ratio is principally important for obese people who want to increase HDL levels. A combination of regular exercise along with changes in diet can help lose weight effectively.  

Stop smoking
Smoking is hardly known to have any positive effects and it does not do any good to your cholesterol level, too. Giving up smoking will help you increase your HDL levels.

Any form of physical exercise is a must to keep the body healthy. Regular exercise can have great effect on your HDL levels too. Any form of physical exercise such as brisk walking, skipping, cycling or even jogging for at least thirty minutes at a stretch can help increase your HDL.

Shun Alcohol
This may sound weird but it's actually true that alcohol can help in increasing HDL. Now this does not mean that you can start gulping down those large glasses of beer. Alcohol in moderation, one to two glasses per day can help increase HDL. However, excessive consumption of alcohol may lead to serious health problems including heart diseases.

Supplement your Diet with Fish Oil
Fish oil can work wonders in keeping your cholesterol levels in check. Fish oil is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that can help increase HDL.

Get rid of trans-fats
Trans-fats can be extremely harmful, particularly for those who are dealing with low HDL. Transfats are present in hydrogenated vegetable oils, an essential component of most packaged foods like chips, nachos and even cookies. They not just reduce your HDL but also simultaneously lead to an increase in your LDL. Cutting on these transfats is essential if you want to boost your HDL.