High Cholesterol

The Fight against Cholesterol

In order to lower your cholesterol, your physician prescribes a diet program for you that consist of heart healthy food items, exercise, checking of cholesterol levels regularly and drugs in case required. You can lower the risk of heart related aliments and other health hazards by simply regulating your cholesterol level. You should keep your cholesterol level under check by lowering cholesterol.

Cholesterol coats the inner walls of our arteries in the form of a plaque. Your physician can recommend a low fat diet and exercises as a natural and effective means of regulating cholesterol. The diet that your doctor recommends is either very low in saturated fat or does not contain any saturated fat. You can include fish like cod, poultry, lean low fat meat and low fat dairy products instead of foods high on saturated fat.

You can consume vegetable oils like olive, canola, sesame, sunflower oil and soybean oil. Instead of fried snacks, you can include vegetables and fruits in your diet. There are a number of methods to lower cholesterol levels and your doctor would advise the best possible course for you.
Regular dairy foods like milk, ice cream and cheese are high in cholesterol and saturated fat. These foods have more disadvantages than benefits. On the other hand, low fat dairy products, nonfat yogurt, skimmed milk and non-fat cheese are fat-free. You can not avoid dairy products as they are rich in nutrients. There us a suitable alternative in non-fat dairy products. You can easily lower cholesterol by replacing saturated fats which are responsible for high cholesterol with unsaturated fats which regulate cholesterol metabolism in a better manner.

HDL is good cholesterol as it helps you to dispose LDL or bad cholesterol from your body. You can increase your cardiovascular health by just increasing your HDL levels.